The Human reproduction

Today we have begun to work the important subject of human reproduction.

The human reproductive system is different in males and females. 

When a sperm and egg join, the egg is fertilized and a baby starts to develop. Its mother provides all a baby’s needs until it is born.

The main objective of the next classes is learning more about some aspects of human reproduction such as the composition of the male and the female reproductive systems, as well as the menstrual cycle and how it works.   


We will also study the structure of gametes and the fertilization process. 

Then, we will see the process of embryonic development and how the birth of a human being takes place.

To complete this unit, we will review some aspects of puberty and we will try to answer a final test to check the knowledge gained on this interesting subject.

Fortunately, we are facing the final stretch of this academic year ... Oh my God!