Oral Presentations 
Work topics related with the Circulatory system

Today we have been implementing the oral presentations about the circulatory system.

Students were divided into four working groups of four students per team.

During some class sessions, students selected the images and the contents and designed a poster and/or PowerPoint presentation.

A group made their oral presentation talking about the components of blood and their functions. They also talked about some diseases related to blood, such as anemia or thrombosis.

Other student groups explained aspects related to both the heart and the blood vessels. They also talked about some of the most common diseases directly related to the heart or the arteries and veins of the body, such as tachycardia, arteriosclerosis or embolisms.

 Finally, to end this series of oral presentations, two groups of students completed this review of the circulatory system with some interesting explanations about the circulation of blood. Of special interest was the clarification that the blood carries out its functions in our body through two different circuits, the pulmonary circuit and the systemic circuit.