Checking the Archimedes' Principle

Today we have been working on a lab practice to check the validity of the Archimedes' principle.

Did you know that he could work out the density (or specific gravity) of an object by comparing the object’s weight to the weight of water it pushes out of a jar when completely it was submerged?


The role of saliva in digestion (part 2)

Today we have finished the lab practice to find out if saliva in involved with digestion.

Did you know that saliva contains amylase, an enzyme which helps break down starch and turn it into glucose?


Kinetic energy versus potential energy

Today we have worked with the concepts of potential energy and kinetic energy. We have used a set of formulas to calculate each.

Did you know that energy is measured with Joules? They are named after Sir James Prescott Joule.


The role of saliva in digestion (part 1)

Saliva is very important for digestion. Today we have done a lab practice to understand how saliva helps break down polysaccharides into monosaccharides.

Did you know that Lugol's iodine is very helpful to detect starch and Fehline's solution can help you to detect glucose?